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Modam Shampoo Bar

Modam Shampoo Bar
Modam Shampoo Bar
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All-in-one care for hair and scalp. It is recommended for those suffering from dandruff, hair loss, itchy, inflamed scalp and other scalp troubles caused by various factors including stress. It contains ripened fermented oriental herbal ingredients for deep root cleansing and scalp care.

Modam Shampoo Bar is a premium-class fermented soap that is handmade with 100% natural herbal ingredients. The patented 100-day fermentation process eliminates the toxicity of herbs and further breaks down the particles maximizing the absorption rate of nutritional components of herbs. Each shampoo bar contains 13 kinds of herbs beneficial for hair loss such as Eosungcho, Siberian chrysanthemum, wormwood, green tea, fennel seed, thuja, pine leaf, mint, persimmon leaf, red ginseng, rosemary, and moringa.

  • Black garlic extract: antioxidant
  • Moringa extract: repairs collagen fiber and improves wrinkle and skin trouble
  • Black ginseng: helps brighten the skin, prevents freckles and skin pigmentation
  • Green tea extract: helps brighten the skin, prevents freckles and skin pigmentation
  • Rosemary extract: stimulates hair growth, improves scalp condition by preventing dandruff and hair loss
  • Coconut oil: repairs and revitalizes damaged skin and maintains skin layer
  • Olive oil: smoothes skin texture
  • Camellia flower oil: hydrates scalp and hair, and keeps hair shiny

This product is free from silicone, surfactants, parabens, and synthetic fragrances.

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