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REPOVE R.E.P Facetick 10 g

REPOVE R.E.P Facetick 10 g
REPOVE R.E.P Facetick 10 g
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REPOVE’s REP Facetick is designed to provide instant facial lifting, enhancing cheek contours, and improves skin radiance for a vibrant glow upon application.

REPOVE is an innovative and sustainable medical-grade skincare brand powered by five patented technologies, the world’s first nano drug delivery system, which blends hydrogel with vital raw materials, allowing for the precise targeting of active ingredients to the desired skin layer and hair follicles. Each product is formulated with REPOVE’s unique technology that not only is highly efficient and effective, but also fosters the balanced skin microorganisms environment through a unique fermentation process involving ingredients extracted from raw materials.

  • Hydroethosome™
  • Triaction peptosome™
  • Multisome_licorice™ 
  • Hualutosome™ 

How to use:

  • After the application of the 5G AB Solution, gently apply the Facetick in outward motions across the face, starting from the inside and gently smoothing it along the skin for optimal results
  • For a natural three-dimensional effect, apply after makeup on forehead, nose, and cheeks and gently pat

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